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Snow Forecast ‘For Days’ This Week As Temperature Drop In The UK



Snow is set to fall over several days in the UK as temperatures plummet.

Grab your mittens and hop on your sledge, because snow is anticipated to be just around the corner.

If like me, you have never had the joy of sitting on a piece of cardboard or a tray and sliding down a hill, then your time may have come.

From Wednesday, November 24, temperatures are set to drop in Scotland and the north of England, progressing down to areas in the south.

The Met Office has subsequently warned of freezing temperatures, cold winds, rain and possible snow, The Independent reports.

The Met Office’s Stephen Dixon said:

From Wednesday, highs will be around 9C, but lows overnight into Thursday will go down to -4 in rural Scotland.

He noted it would be areas of higher ground and Scotland that would see the precipitation fall as snow, rather than just wintry showers of rain.

Despite the colder and more Christmassy forecast, Dixon predicts there will be ‘an area of cloud and rain in the northwest’ and ‘some clear spells’ in the south and southwest of the country.

On both Thursday, 25 and Friday, November 26, similar conditions are also set to occur. The coldest and highest regions are expected to see snow, whereas other parts of Britain will likely only see high winds and colder temperatures.

‘Into Friday the theme continues: a cold start for most with overnight temperatures widely around freezing overnight and in rural areas down to minus two or three degrees,’ Dixon explained.

As the weather system comes closer, the Met Office’s computer models will be able to pick up on the ‘exact location of these stronger winds’, however, a yellow weather warning has already been issued for ‘strong winds across most of the UK’ on Friday, 26 and Saturday, November 27.

The weather is anticipated as being colder than the average for November in the UK, and the chilly conditions are expected to be here to stay.

So wrap up warm, and let’s all hope for a white Christmas.

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